Samit is a privately held, professionally managed group providing a wide range of services to upstream Exploration & Production (E&P) companies since 1990.

Beginning as a single window for helping its clients design and procure industry’s leading technology solutions most suited to their business needs, the group has expanded its capabilities to provide a wide range of technical services to E&P companies for several years now.

In addition to providing seismic data processing & sub surface consulting services, Samit also provides specialized studies that may be needed for each phase of Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation of seismic data. These include Survey Design, Illumination/Seismic Modeling, PSTM, PSDM, AVO, Inversion, Structural and Stratigraphic Modeling etc.

Samit is also one of the leading service providers in India for various Data Management services like scanning and reconstruction of seismic sections, log digitizing, media transcription and storage.

Our resources are highly qualified, trained & motivated technical teams who work under the supervision of richly experienced specialists in various domains. In collaboration with experts from our Business and/or Technology Partners in various aspects of G & G activities, we ensure that the services offered are of the highest standard.