SAMIT has partnered with a number of technology leaders in the field of E&P for single window offering of their products and services in India.
A brief on the Partners’ core activities are provided. Respective website links are provided below for accessing details of their activities.

Advanced Geophysical Technology, USA

Advanced Geophysical Technology (“AGT”) is a growing Houston-based company that is
revolutionizing seismic
imaging. From their origin as a developer of innovative GPU-based depth imaging algorithms, they have
evolved into a service organization that uses world-class computing power and patented proprietary
algorithms to develop high-resolution 3D seismic images quickly and cost-effectively. Together, their team
of elite geophysicists is creating unparalleled value by helping oil and gas companies select and employ the
ideal imaging technology to accurately image the geophysical properties of salt basins and other
hard-to-image subsurface locations.

Apex Spectral, USA

A major reason for dry holes or uneconomic discovery wells in the E&P industry is tight reservoir rock.
Dispersion occurs naturally in seismic data and is caused by fluid movement relative to the rock matrix when
excited by the seismic wave. Apex Spectral has invented, patented and commercialized a robust and reliable
method to measure this dispersion. The measurement called “ADF®” is largely proportional to three factors:
reservoir fluid viscosity, intrinsic permeability, and thickness – all of which are critical factors in
finding commercial hydrocarbons. ADF® DHI technology is being applied in basins worldwide covering a broad
range of geologic settings and rock types (e.g. sandstones, carbonates and fractured reservoirs) to
materially reduce risk and increase flow rates. By working together we can avoid dry holes caused by tight
reservoir rock, and identify likely hydrocarbon charged prospects by imaging areas of high dispersion.

Badley Geoscience, UK

For over two decades Badleys have been at the forefront of the application of structural geology to problems
in oil and gas exploration and production industry. They are widely regarded as having led the industry in
the commercial application of structural basin analysis, quantitative structural geology and fault-seal
analysis. Their range of products spans the exploration to production workflow.

BELL Geospace, USA

Bell Geospace acquires Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) worldwide for petroleum, mining, and
groundwater exploration. With over ten year’s experience, Bell Geospace provides assistance and service for
all stages of the FTG exploration program including Survey Planning & Management, Data Acquisition &
Quality Control and Data Interpretation.

DataReSource, Australia

DataReSource is an Asia Pacific data research and warehousing company based in Perth
Australia. Their core
functions are:

  • Researching, locating and supplying high quality oil and gas data for oil companies exploring in
    the Asia pacific. DataReSource Specialises in seismic, well, and associated data types, and
    particularly difficult to find ageing data sets that need experience technical input to convert into
    a useable from.
  • Managing confidential data trades between companies. There are many occasions where companies wish
    to acquire data on a confidential or anonymous basis. If you have data you wish to trade, or have
    data you wish to acquire through a trade rather than purchase, then DataReSource can assist.
  • Through its research and data aggregation process, DataReSource has assembled one of the largest
    data holding in the Asia Pacific. Any company looking for data in the region, that is having
    difficulty finding it (particularly in Papua New Guinea) should contact DataReSource.
  • DataReSource performs speculative reprocessing of data sets in the region which are for sale to
    oil and gas companies. Their latest project consisted of over 6000km of 2D seismic reprocessing in
    Papua New Guinea.

Halliburton-Landmark, USA

Landmark, a Halliburton business line, is the leading technology solutions provider of data and analytics,
science, software, and services for the exploration and production industry. Landmark’s innovative,
integrated technology and services provide support for key decision points in the oil and gas life cycle,
enabling energy companies around the world to lower costs, boost production, and increase productivity and
profitability. With the most advanced geoscience mapping and interpretation platform in the industry,
Landmark helps you quickly and accurately assess shale resources, optimize well placement, geosteer wells in
real time, and maximize stimulation potential. Landmark’s integrated software and unique data management
solutions can help you create more accurate subsurface images, drill safely in extreme environments, and
optimize production from your strategic assets.


Intrepid Geophysics develops and provides advanced software and services for quantitative 3D geological
modelling and geophysical applications. The three products from Intrepid Geophysics are GeoModellerTM,
IntrepidTM and JetStreamTM. GeoIntrepid is Intrepid Geophysics’ consulting division. Intrepid Geophysics’
software and services are used in a wide range of applications in the earth resources and geotechnical
industries. Current focus of software development is 3D geological modelling, 3D stochastic inversion of
gravity and magnetic data, plus providing tools for the processing and interpretation of airborne gravity
gradiometer data (both full tensor gradiometry and Falcon data).

BIW/ITT Interconnect Solutions, USA

ITT Interconnect Solutions is a global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, interconnects, cable
assemblies, I/O card kits, LAN components, and highly-engineered custom solutions. The Interconnect
Solutions portfolio includes the brands Cannon, VEAM, BIW, and Sealectro. ITT Interconnect Solutions is part
of ITT Corporation, an $11.6 billion global engineering and manufacturing

KDM Spectrum Data, Australia

With over 30 years of experience, Katalyst Data Management® provides the only integrated, end-to-end
subsurface data management solution for the oil and gas industry. Katalyst operates in North America, Europe
and Asia-Pacific and are dedicated to optimizing the value of subsurface assets, including seismic and well
data, while providing superior customer service. They accept all formats of legacy media, digitizing and
optimizing the information to modern formats. In addition to their expertise with seismic data, Katalyst has
the ability to manage any subsurface data type. Katalyst clients can access and view their data spatially
through our iGlass software—a convenient and user-friendly map-based portal.

LEAP Energy, Malaysia

LEAP Energy offers a full range of integrated E&P consulting solutions, from exploration, appraisal,
field development planning, well drilling and completions to reservoir management and production
optimization. It also provides commercial support for A&D and portfolio valuation activities.

LEAP Energy provides subsurface consulting and software technology development services for the oil and gas
industry. In particular, provide expertise in difficult hydrocarbon recovery, complex reservoirs (naturally
fractured, deepwater and highly heterogeneous systems), enhanced oil recovery, unconventional resources
(coal-bed methane, shale gas, geothermal) and integrated field studies.

Midland Valley, UK

Midland Valley is a world leader in the field of structural geology and the development of analytical
modelling tools. They offer clients new technology and new ways of thinking. The key to their success is the
application of kinematic structural modelling techniques, built upon robust programming and rigorously
tested geological algorithms.

Using their tools, geoscientists are not only able to visualise what cannot be seen, but – more importantly
– to evolve geological models forwards and backwards through time. This enables them to check their
assumptions against surface data and other verifiable criteria – and gain a progressively keener
understanding of the forces at work beneath the surface.

MicroSeismic, USA

MicroSeismic, Inc. is the technology and market leader for hydraulic fracture monitoring. Founded in 2003,
MicroSeismic is the pioneer in monitoring microseismic activity utilizing surface, near-surface and downhole
arrays. MSI helps oil and gas companies understand how the reservoir responds to stimulation and its impact
on customer economics.

NORSAR Innovation AS, Norway

NORSAR is at the forefront internationally regarding development of commercial software products and
services in the field of seismic oil and gas prospecting.The core application for NORSAR seismic modelling
packages are 2D and 3D seismic ray modelling, survey planning, Green’s functions for PSDM, reservoir
analysis and time-to-depth conversion based on ray tracing. However, the modular design of NORSAR’s software
allows packages to be tailored to individual project requirements.

UNIGEO, Norway

UniGEO provides industry relevant high quality courses in geosciences with a strong academic foundation.
Unigeo offers traditional courses worldwide and an interactive learning program – GeoCLASS, which s an
e-learning system with contents from petroleum geophysics. It is the result of collaboration between
professors at the University of Bergen and the University of Oslo, and its material has been used as
curriculum in master program courses at these universities for several years.