Other Services

SAMIT is facilitating consultancy services on the following challenging E&P areas through its technical partner and collaborators – each a world leader in its area of expertise.

Micro Seismic Studies

In collaboration with our partner MicroSeismic Inc., USA we provide/extend oilfield completion evaluation services and real time monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Operations in unconventional oil and gas plays.

These studies involve recording/processing/monitoring of naturally occurring low energy seismic signal/noise emitted from a reservoir during hydraulic fracture simulation.MicroSeismic helps oil and gas companies understand how the reservoir responds to stimulation and its impact on customer economics.
From this customers are able to:

  • Determine ideal well spacing to increase productivity.
  • Identify costly Geo-Hazards and Non-producing zones.
  • Optimize fluid & treatment efficiency etc.

Frequency Dependent DHI

This innovative service is offered by Samit in collaboration with experts from Apex Spectral, USA using their patented ADF ® Technology.

Contrary to Amplitude based DHI, Frequency Based DHI rely on the phenomena of frequency dependent velocity due to dispersion in a fluid saturated medium. The deformation in reflected wave shape due to fluid presence is measured by ADF (Alpha Dominant Frequency). The methodology works as a permeability measurement tool and also as a DHI tool.Apex Spectral has several successful case studies with ADF Technology throughout the world with different Geologic settings.

Field Development Plan and integrated studies including IOR/EOR

Samit serves its clients both for Exploration and Development acreages, through its suitably designed interpretation workflows for integrated mapping of seismic, geological, petrophysical, geochemical, reservoir, production and other data. The group, having worked in many significant hydrocarbon regions of India and other parts of the world, specializes in all aspects of seismic (2D/3D) data interpretation leading to identification of exploratory leads and hence generation of prospects (Structural and/or Strati-graphic) in an exploration acreage and to develop a comprehensive development plan or confirm/ validate the existing plan in a producing asset.
These studies include integration of results of the data from Basic and Regional Petrography analysis to identify drillable prospects in Exploration acreages.
Includes Reservoir Engineering data analysis, volumetric evaluation, economical analysis, creation of Development planning scenarios against a range of subsurface realizations. The estimated resources and other available data are then analyzed for devising exploitation strategy in the acreage.
In addition to preparing a Development strategy as above, it also includes establishment and quantification of various IOR/EOR schemes on the oil, condensate (and gas) recoveries, cost evaluation and economical analysis to select the optimum alternative. This service is offered in technical collaboration with M/s Leap Energy, Malaysia who have a very rich experience in this area.

CBM Exploration & Development Solutions

Our technical partner, Leap Energy is also a leading provider of coal bed methane (CBM), geosciences and engineering services, acquired through experience in worldwide coal basins. Leap Energy facilitates best practices and latest technologies relevant to CBM exploration, development and exploitation challenges.

Wherever the asset is within E&P lifecycle, from exploration to exploitation, our team can help mitigate the challenges faced by organization in following:

  • Reservoir characterization and analogue selection
  • Identification of CBM fairways and high grade assets.
  • Defining appraisal objectives and plans
  • Optimal development of CBM assets.
  • Effective reservoir management
  • Defining well infill locations and optimizing reservoir drainage.

Besides, Leap Energy has developed an integrated Coal bed methane (CBM) modeling, production forecasting and development optimization software DOT.CBM. This powerful tool integrates field development planning expertise with latest generation software engineering technology.

Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) Studies

Samit, in collaboration with our technical partner Bellgeo, provides the most sophisticated and highest resolution gravity gradiometry data available from both airborne and ship borne platform.
Bell Geospace acquires Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) worldwide for petroleum, mining, and groundwater exploration. With over ten years experience, Bell Geospace provides assistance and service for all stages of the FTG exploration program

Application Areas

FTG can be of immense use in logistically difficult areas with complex geology where surface and/or sub-surface conditions do not permit acquisition of good quality seismic data. Besides, the survey can also be used as a cost effective exploration tool in areas of perceptively low prospectivity both on land & offshore. It has been successfully used for sub-basalt exploration as well.