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Well Log & Map Digitization Process

Paper copies of well logs are scanned to generate output in TIF/PDF format. These raster images are digitized and output is generated in LAS format using Neuralog, which is an automated well log digitizing software and is the most advanced in well log digitizing system. Its reliability and quality improvement increases productivity by empowering the log analyst with control of the quality and availability of well log data. Automated digitizing streamlines the workflow by sending reliable digital data to time-critical projects. Unique quality improvement, editing and validation assure that your digital log data, which often comes from various sources where quality is uncertain, can be corrected and verified to meet the client needs. NeuraLog’s automated tracing functions work on unlimited backup scales, automatically patching together the different sections of curve for streamlined curve output. It provides the flexibility of defining multiple curves per track and multiple tracks per log. Output is provided in

LAS format.


After digitization, QC is carried out by experienced Geophysicists before output is approved for submission. Some of the parameters verified at QC stage include:


  • Verification of output with any specific client instructions

  • No. of logs, log name etc

  • Scale

  • Unit

  • Depth range

  • Log Header information

  • Random check of log curve values with reference to input scanned images

Map Digitization Process

Paper copies of map are scanned to generate output in TIF/PDF format. These raster images are digitized using ArcView, where initially, a shape file is created from the raster image. The point wise values are then exported from the shape file, to create output in UKOOA/ASCII format. Special care is taken for crooked lines, to capture values of relevant points on the line to maintain exact shape of the line. For Base map digitization, X/Y values corresponding to each Shot Point (SP) is captured, which can then be merged with seismic data in production processing, as part of Seismic Data Reconstruction projects. X/Y values, of start point, end point, points around the crooked part and at different random locations for each line on the map is checked as part of internal QC process.

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