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A Leading E&P Services Provider

Creating Value from your Data

Samit provides Seismic data imaging, subsurface consulting services, data management and technology solutions to clients in the E&P industry across India and the world. 

At our resource and development centre in Gurgaon, India, we undertake projects following industry best practices to ensure that quality solutions are delivered on time.

Our Services

Our Services
Data Management
Seismic Data Processing
Multi Client
Advisory Services
Integrated Interpretation
Subsurface Consulting
Software Development
Other Services

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Partnership with TapeArk

Partnering with TapeArk to offer proprietary data restoration and cloud migration technology to apply AI-driven techniques to your data

Asset Evaluation
  • Completed independent reserves and economic eval of 3 offshore assets for a large private E&P co.

  • Evaluation of an offshore block in Israel in progress

FTG Survey
  • FTG survey completed for a large private sector company in Northeast India 

  • Ongoing project in Rajasthan and Cambay

  • Ongoing PSTM and anisotropic PSDM seismic processing on a large onshore dataset 

  • PSTM processing of 2D seismic data for an offshore block under progress

ADF Study
  • India’s first ADF study on a offshore east coast dataset completed

  • Dataset for onshore block in Northeast India under progress

Australian Spec Data

Reprocessed 7500 LKM of offshore spec data from Coral Sea (northeast coast of Australia); first dataset sold to a global oil major

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