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Understanding sub-surface adequately, especially in diverse geological settings, is key to a successful E&P company. At Samit, we provide a portfolio of sub-surface studies to assist its clients in addressing major exploration challenges in meeting this objective. Jointly with our technical collaborators, our experts with a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of sedimentary basins in India and other parts of the world have delivered several projects successfully till date

Our Subsurface Consultancy Services:

Seismic Modeling & Illumination Studies

A properly designed and executed survey is key to better understanding of the reservoir. To meet this objective, in collaboration with experts and technology from NORSAR, the world leader in seismic forward modeling, we provide services for 2D/3D seismic illumination studies and attribute mapping, Modeling seismic response for different reservoir scenarios.

To suit individual project requirements, various modeling schemes, like 2D/3D ray trace modeling, 1D full elastic modeling, Seismic time-lapse feasibility studies, Target oriented model based imaging in the reservoir zone etc can be opted.

Fault Seal Analysis

We offer service for Fault modeling & Framework model building, Fault-Seal Analysis and Trap Integrity, Fault & Fracture Analysis and Prediction, Fault Properties for reservoir simulation.




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