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Advisory Services

We assist clients in creating and realizing value from every opportunity by advising them in all the phases of a project starting with short-listing of opportunities to development and preparation of bids as well as technical assistance post allotment.

In such opportunities we can assist clients with:


Data room visit to review the information and assess the production and reserves potential of the field/block resulting in short-listing and prioritization for farm-in consideration and further evaluation. While short listing, apart from technical merits, client’s strategic requirement is also kept in focus.


Following the short-listing, due diligence evaluation of each asset is done, primarily guided by economics and sensitivity analysis based on review and reassessment of reserve and production potential of field/block including quick reprocessing and interpretation of available geoscientific data if needed, evaluation of the GME (generation, Migration and Entrapment) potential, study of production potential from the existing wells, need for additional appraisal/development well(s) and their probable placement, etc.


Where needed, on selected assets, conceptual field development plan is worked out with suitable work program, facilities and techno-economics. Our experts work closely with client representatives to ensure that our recommendations are consistent with that of the client’s business plan and strategy.

Post Allotment

In-depth technical study including advance geophysical analysis, static and dynamic modeling, assistance and quality support for appraisal, development location identification and drilling , production optimization, IOR/EOR planning etc for development and production from the field throughout its life cycle including evaluating exploration potential to harness upside potential in the asset. In partnership with strong engineering firm, we can also provie detailed engineering services, if needed.

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