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Acquisition, Processing & Interpretation

Samit, in collaboration with our technical partner Bellgeo, provides the most sophisticated and highest resolution gravity gradiometry data.


Bellgeo Samit Geosurvey LLP, an Indian Joint Venture between Bell Geospace and Samit, provides services for acquisition, processing and interpretation of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG). The local JV has successfully delivered several projects in India. Operating since 1994, Bell Geospace, an industry leader, has been providing such services worldwide for petroleum, mineral, and groundwater exploration. 

  • Data on Cloud (Partnership with Tape Ark)
    Moving large volumes of ageing archive data on legacy tape in physical storage centers – hence inaccessible and decaying in its current form - to the cloud. Liberating this vast volume of data to the cloud so that it is accessible for data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies. Transferring data to cloud not only ensures its preservation, but empowers the client to monetize the data – Through learnings and discoveries, which lead to new knowledge or increased operational efficiencies. Or, turning it into revenue source rather than a cost center.
  • Media Transcription
    Bit to bit copy from various type of input media to output media. MD5 check for 100% accuracy. Imaging, Bar-coding & Cataloguing input/output media. Web based on-line database with multi-key search facility.
  • Seismic Section Scanning & Reconstruction
    Scanning & digital reconstruction of Seismic Sections for paper plot. Image Editing & Raster Cleanup. Reprocessing of Reconstructed Seismic data.
  • Well Log & Map Scanning & Digitization
    Scanning of Well logs & Maps from Paper Plot to Tiff format. Digitization of scanned Well Logs & Maps. Digital Output in Industry standard formats.
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